The Colorado Beach Scene has seen a good amount of growth in the past few years. Since the NCAA’s announcement in 2015 sanctioning Women’s Beach Volleyball as a NCAA Championship sport the state of Colorado has seen a spike in youth participation in the sport. The Rocky Mountain Region of USA Volleyball got things started when they started their High Performance Beach Program in the summer of 2013. The following year RMR teamed up with The Island to sponsor a Junior girls tournament known as the Princess of the Beach Series to help grow the game. The 2014/2015 winter saw three of these events take place and they have continue to grow over the past few years. Since the Summer of 2013 Colorado has seen a spike in Beach Club programs popping up, mostly in the Denver Metro area. Some of these Clubs are Beach only clubs while a few indoor hardcourt clubs have started offering summer Beach Clubs during the summer months after the hardcourt season has ended. Currently there is one College Women’s Beach Program in the state at Colorado Mesa University which had its inaugural season in 2016. As the sport continues to grow it is anticipated that even more colleges and universities in Colorado will also add the sport to their respective athletic departments.