Thanks to the duo of Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor…


a lot of young girls grew up watching the 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist popularize the game over the Olympics. Nationally there are three organizations represented in the Beach scene, AVP America, USA Volleyball (USAV), and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). These three organizations host a variety of tournaments throughout the year that are spread out over the entire United States. Because there are three main organizations, there is no one elite entity compared to another. Some beach clubs will play in tournaments offered by only one organization, while other clubs will play in tournaments offered by multiple organizations. It is really dependent on the club and what their goals are for their athletes. Colorado offers opportunities for our junior beach athletes with most of these programs.

For more information on these programs please visit the following sites:

USA Volleyball -

USA National Beach Tour -


AVP America -